Houston + Bailey : Nesselrod on the New River


When it comes to the wedding day, I don’t think it matters how long you’ve been together. It can still very much be a day that brings couples to places of the heart. Where tears fill your eyes just at the sight of one another. A simple dance in front of family and friends can be the most moving dance you’ve ever done. Life stands still but time rushes by so fast in the same day.

And this was Houston + Bailey’s wedding day.

– The first look. When a couple first sees each other on their wedding day, it quite a moment. Houston + Bailey were overcome with emotion when they had their first look. A quite moment holding each other tight, didn’t need many words.

– Bailey’s DRESS. Disney Princess? YES! Besides the fact that Bailey looked like a Disney Princess, her dress was from the Disney line and was “Belle”.

– Their wedding ceremony was something out of a fairytale. Snuggled in a cove with tall pine trees lined around. Bailey’s bridesmaid sang acoustic and a waterfall sang along behind them. Sigh.

You’ll just have to see….

Ceremony / Reception: Nesselrod on the New River
Florist & DJ: Mark Taylor Entertainment
Caterer: Classic Caterers
Cake: Next Door Bakeshop


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