Jared + Mary : Engaged


I always say that nothing happens by coincidence. Everything, everything, happens for a reason. It just so happens on one particular evening, Mary’s sister had a potluck dinner and invited several friends, including Jared. When it was time to call it a night, Jared and Mary ended up leaving the dinner at the same time. And being the gentlemen Jared is, he walked Mary to her car (especially since at the time there had been several muggings on the campus of the school they attend). And being the protective gentlemen Jared is, he wanted to make sure Mary was well taken care of, so he gave her the only type of protection he had in his possession at the time, bear spray (this makes me giggle).

They ended up going their separate ways and months later Mary came across the bear spray Jared had given her. “Oh, that sweet guy….well, I’ll never see him again.” Mary thought to herself as she tossed the bear spray. It wasn’t long that Jared and Mary crossed paths again and now they make regular trips to Roanoke to see each other (Jared lives in KY and Mary in northern VA).

If I had to sum up Jared and Mary in three words, I’d choose: happy, down to earth and enjoys the small things in life. Ok, more than three words but it was necessary. Anyways, let’s get to the good stuff:


Roanoke Engagement Photographer


Mary is a teacher so it was only appropriate that chalk was incorporated into their session:


One of their favorite things to do:

Roanoke VA Engagement Photography

Josephine Richardson

What lovely photos… it warms my heart to share Jared and Mary’s joy together.

Beautiful couple and I am so happy for both of them.

What beautiful pictures!!! PRICELESS!!!! I went to school with the groom to be,what a wonderful young man he is. Love these pictures,love it all!!!