Joanna and Jared : Brother and Sister : Roanoke Portrait Photographer


Joanna and Jared are quite sneaky. It was months ago they contacted me for a secret portrait session to later use the pictures to surprise their parents with on Christmas day. So for months, I’ve held on to these bad boys and I’m finally able to show them off.

Since Joanna and Jared both graduated from VT just a few weeks ago, we had to do a few images on campus. We then headed to their family farm, nestled near the Blue Ridge Parkway. For a moment I felt like a country girl, I dodged cow patties, climbed up into a barn, jumped into a huge stack of hay and got the closest I have ever been to cows. Pretty impressive, huh? : )

On to a few of my favorites of Joanna and Jared’s session:

It was flurrying….in October:


This is what happened when I told them not to smile:


Their parents got them these Nerf guns for Christmas last year:


Love this so much, even though I think the cows were giving me dirty looks the whole time:


Had to take one with their grandfather’s truck: