John + Courtney : Silver Hearth Wedding


At one point it was around 49º on the mountain. A steady cool breeze hanged around and the sun peaked out from clouds every once in a while to pour a little warmth into the day.

When you’ve been together for eight years, this day is long awaited and I’m sure no matter what the weather did that day, John + Courtney just wanted to get married.

This was the first ceremony I witnessed the “rose exchange.” A really sweet idea of using a rose to say what you don’t have words for or just a simple reminder of “I love you.” This tied with John + Courtney’s vows they wrote themselves and you have one very touching ceremony for two incredible people.

Ceremony / Reception: Silver Hearth Lodge
Videography: Michael’s Video
Florist: Blackburg Kroger
Caterer: Wildwood Smokehouse
DJ: Michael Marchio

Many thanks to my second shooter: Jason with Simple Times Photography

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