Karla & Andrea : Sisters


Can we say lovely AND complete sweethearts?! Karla and Andrea’s family moved to Roanoke earlier this year from their hometown in Mexico. Since they recently both celebrated a birthday, they decided to celebrate with a photo shoot, full of beautiful clothes, aug-dor-able shoes (they have the best shoe collection, ever, seriously, I wanted every pair) and a beautiful spring day at the Peaks of Otter set off for a great time.

Here are a few of my favorites (ok, it’s more than a few but I couldn’t help it):


Loving their dresses:


These next two have been added to my all time favorites:




Love this one so much, it’s one of my favorites:

Those SHOES:


I want Andrea’s outfit:


A favorite:


Wish my skin looked this good when I was a teenager!!:


LOVE Andrea’s outfit here, lace and pink?! Yes-uh!