Kirk + Amanda : Braeloch Wedding


For a while, you could only see two doors and just so slightly, they’d separate for a second and you could see white. And when the doors separated, Kirk saw Amanda for the first time on their wedding day in an open field, under sunny skies and surrounded by family and friends.

This is Kirk + Amanda’s wedding day.

– Amanda incorporated a lot of family traditions into her wedding including wearing her mother’s veil & pearls. She also gave Kirk a pocket watch on their wedding day, which her mother gave her father on their wedding day.

– Amanda’s grandfather sang the Lord’s Prayer during the ceremony – it was so sweet!

– Kirk + Amanda adore their dogs so when one made a special appearance at their reception, I just about died.

Ceremony / Reception: Braeloch, Vinton
Wedding Coordinator & Cake: With This Ring, Debbie Turner
Hair: Studio 7
Make-Up: Les Cheveux
Florist: Kroger
DJ: Creative Entertainment
Videographer: Video Ventures
Caterer: Roanoke College


KirkAmandaWed-003w KirkAmandaWed-006w


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