Little Adventures


Road trips are my new favorite thing. Especially when they involve exploring somewhere new and when I can make a whole weekend out of it. Sometimes a little pavement time with the radio turned up is just what I need….and a bonus if I end up somewhere cool.

This past weekend I took to the road and ended up in the cute little town of Abingdon.


Sometimes I like to just go and figure out what I’m going to do when I get there. And that’s what I did. I ended up eating a late lunch at a restaurant that was located in an old house: The Peppermill

Abingdon-001w Abingdon-002w

If you go, I highly recommend trying the Curried Mushroom w/ Orange Marmalade Soup!

Abingdon-004w Abingdon-005w Abingdon-006w

Do you ever get the feeling that you don’t get the true character of a place unless you explore it by food? Me too.

I ended up at a cute little Olive Oil shop by a lady who, some distant way down our family tree, is related to me.

Who knew there was so many options for olive oil? Coconut infused olive oil?!? I ended up getting the Tuscan infused Olive Oil incase you wondered.


And because I couldn’t find a really cute ice cream parlor, I set off down the well known Creeper Trail. Not all 30 some miles though…just enough until it really started to feel like a Creeper. I kid. It was beautiful.

Abingdon-008w Abingdon-009w Abingdon-010w Abingdon-011w

Yep, little adventures to new places is my favorite.