For the Love of Cookies


Holiday baking. It’s sort of tradition with my family, as I am sure with most families. We end up baking a variety of cookies and just plain awesomeness to give out before Christmas. Weirdly enough, it almost always varies each year on what we make. There’s a couple of things that my mom HAS to make by popular demand, but for the most part, we change it up.

Years and years ago, even before I was born, my mom picked up a recipe brochure from the West Virginia State Fair. The yellow paper is torn and carries stains. Pieces are ripped, but the guts of most of the recipes remain. These Devil Dogs are one of those recipes from the brochure. They taste like devil food cake with a delicious cream filling:

Cookies-001 Cookies-002




We tried our hand at making oatmeal cream pies from scratch. The recipe I found on Pinterest used the words “Little Debbie” in the headline and I got excited. So, we made them:


We doubled the recipe so 5 sticks of butter was needed. 5 sticks! Are we worse than Paula Deen? We are worse than Paula Deen. I think we went through 14 sticks total that day.

Cookies-007 Cookies-008 Cookies-010 Cookies-011 Cookies-014

My mom makes 7-layer cookie bars every year. The recipe is pretty common, but my mom adds her own secret twist to it that makes them even more scrumptious.


For the first time…in years…the batch of chocolate and peanut butter fudge hardened. Sweet hallelujah for fudge…that hardens : )

This was the fantasy fudge recipe, it’s a pretty common recipe. We just aren’t pro-fudge makers. Ha!


Enjoy this time together with your friends and family, people. It passes by so quickly. Sending lots of happy baking wishes to you & your family!