Matt + Wendy : Engaged


With Matt living in Charlotte / NC and Wendy living in Roanoke / VA, it would be hard to imagine any other way they would meet….but as it was meant to be, they did indeed meet, through Matt’s mom. Wendy and Matt’s mom are teachers at the same school, since Matt lives about three hours from Wendy, they easiest way for them to meet for the first time was on a bus trip to the Greenbrier’s casino with a group of people. Even though Matt and Wendy aren’t big gamblers, it just so happened that Matt proposed to Wendy in Las Vegas…with a glass slipper he slipped into place of one of her shoes. How sweet is that?!

Looking forward to their wedding in August!



It just so happens that Matt has a brick with his name engraved into it at the church where they will be married: