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Roanoke VA Photographer

This past weekend we took a few days and headed up to the Smokey Mountains with some friends. I had never been to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, I usually head south or east to the beach for vacation so this quite a different experience for me, but I loved it.

We stayed in a cabin high up in the mountains. And when I say, high, I mean turning, curvy, roads hugging the mountain tight high. The road our cabin was on was very close to being at a scary 45 degree angle. I think I died a few times on the road. But the snow came, it came enough that kept us in the cabin for 36 hours. I stayed in my pajamas allllll day Monday, now that’s a day off! And for the first EVER in my life, I saw actual snowflakes with my naked eye. The snow was so fine and it was so cold, you could pick out each little snowflake with your eye. It was quite amazing.

Roanoke VA Photographer

And now I’ve brought the snow back with me to Roanoke….so here’s wishing for a white Christmas!

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Told you that you would love it.. It is really an amazing place to go…
Thanks for bringing the snow back, as you know your mom #2 loves the snow..