Pizza, Pies and Pickles


I fully believe in making a big deal out of birthdays. Family, friends, singing, cake, celebration, cake, little surprises, cake…cake…cake! The truth of the matter is a year of life should be celebrated.

And that’s what I believe in when it comes to birthdays.


We celebrated Chris’ birthday last week with family, friends and one of his favorites: Gracie’s Place Pizza. Oohhh yeah-yuh.

It just so happened on Chris’ birthday, a huge jar of my mother-in-laws famous Sweet & Spicy pickles arrived…into my hands. These pickles…they are good on anything that is worth having pickles on. Truth.

We recently visited my grandmother in the big ol’ wild and wonderful WV. We had a small cookout and my mom made a classic for our family: Peaches and Cream pie. I seriously haven’t had this pie since I was probably in elementary school. It took me back like whoa.

And now I just realized I talked entirely about food. But who doesn’t love at least one (I mean all three) of: pizza, pies and pickles??


You know what’s the next best thing besides being home? My grandmother’s house. It always comforting to me. Even though she’s not able to do a lot now, she was one hard working woman. She would put those hands to work and had the greenest thumb around.

But to even get to my grandmother’s house, half the trip is spent on country roads. Curvy roads, mountains, valleys, rolling fields a few old white churches and a super duper curvy, narrow road up a mountain where I clutch to the car, nails embedded and all. This time we took a different way and went through Blue Stone State Park and I’m so glad we did:


On to the next week of adventures!