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Backyard Shenanigans


I've been photographing some very sweet chapters for this family over the years. From engagement to their growing family, each one as been so special. For the recent session, we spend a spring eve...

The Cutest Chubbiest Cheeks


Those cheeks stole the show, I tell you what. The Serven family joined me a local park on a cool fall, North Carolina morning. Sweater weather called for sister to hug her l...

2021 Recap : Spoiler Alert

My Life

{If you're here for the photos, just skip down to the bottom} I was there…With the Christmas trees outlined in the windows. The smell of cinnamon and a warm kitchen from baking all day...

Herndon Family & Exploring Camp North End


I had so much fun exploring Camp North End with this sweet family. A little fun was had a long the way with a few stops for some smiles:

Miller Family : Day in the Life


I love these Day in the Life sessions because they capture the best candid, real moments. I spent just a couple of hours with the Miller family one morning. A little nursery time and soaked up some V...

Halloween Portraits


Hey you! Happy Halloooooooween! Here's to an evening of too much candy, Nightmare Before Christmas on Repeat, and some real ghost stories to up the spook factor. Kevin and Olga had the great id...

Sweetness of Summertime


"I can do it." The golden sunshine spilling through the kitchen window highlighted her blonde curls. She took a slice out of the watermelon with one of those kid-friendly knives, but it still made...

A Fall Neighborhood Session


It's the heat of summer that makes the thought of the crisp fall weather sound even sweeter. Let's take a trip back to last fall when we explored the Powers Family's neighborhood to take some fall fa...

Living Life & Loving Cake


I love getting to see this sweet family grow every year. I photographed Nick + Krystina's wedding a few years ago and now they have these funny, adorable little boys! Their youngest just turned on...

11 years

My Life

I stared out the window, took a breath, and pushed back into the chair. Just outside my door, I could hear the office conversations, the phones ringing, the smell of another pot of coffee bre...