Tara Lilly Portrait Photography

Didn’t we all hate getting dragged to Sears for those laughable, cringe-worthy portraits? Yea, you know the ones. Where your dad rocked that color-clashing tie. Where your sibling looked like they were abducted by aliens. And don’t forget your mom’s hair. Sheesh.

Let’s leave that nonsense in the 80s and explore a bigger world. A more imaginative world.  I’ll capture you – the real you – doing things you love most.

Cooking. Picnics. Backyard zoomies with the pups. Twirling in the rain with bubbles and balloons. 

The glimpse of yourself to share with others and the memories created. The times spent with friends and family that you’ll treasure, laugh, and cry over when you reflect years later. 

So leave the fake smiles for the musty mall studios and let me take you to unexpected places through the view of my lens.

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