Pre-Christmas Fun : Roanoke VA Photographer


Every year around this time I want to bake. And not just a little bit, a ridiculous amount of food. This year I decided to do some of my usuals, but tried a couple of new recipes…ok, several new recipes. And most turned out really good! I guess it’s time to start giving out all these goodies : )

White chocolate and macadamia nut mini cupcakes!

Payday candy is soooo yummy!

Before I started all my baking, I needed one last big rush of Christmas spirit to get me through the day. So, the night before we headed to the Elks Home in Bedford, VA to see the crazy amount of lights they put up every year. A lot of families take the little trip to see these lights every year, this was my first year seeing them, and wow! There was a lot of lights to see! But the cutest thing of all, was looking up and seeing two little elderly ladies in the windows of the home waving outside to us!

5 more days! I’ve got some wrapping to do!