Strategic + Creative Fractional Marketer

Your one-woman marketing team is here.

As a business owner or executive leader, you may find yourself at a place where an experienced marketing strategist is needed to support your company's goals without the expense of hiring a full-time marketing executive. Alternatively, perhaps you are in transition in your company and looking for a partner to support all marketing initiatives during a shift in your business.

That's why I'm here.

I build purposeful and impactful marketing initiatives to ignite growth in your business and with your team.

With over 15+ years of marketing experience along with an entrepreneurial spirit, I use the latest marketing techniques to accomplish strategic goals with progressive ownership guiding brands through comprehensive marketing strategies, product launches, content marketing plans, social media transitions, and marketing technology selection.

I use a unique blend of creativity + strategy to provide brands with impactful and innovative solutions that align with overarching company objectives. In other words: I have powerful ideas with the drive to execute (I'm not afraid of rolling up my sleeves and contributing to the hard work).

The heart

of what I do.

I’m a storyteller with a passion for connecting people. At the core of what I do, I build relationships between brands and their customers/audience. While it can be said so simply, it takes emotional and creative intelligence to get there.


- Strategic Planning B2B + B2C

- Budget Planning

- Demand Generation

- Content Marketing Strategy + Execution

- Social Media Management

- Email Marketing

- Sales Enablement

- Marketing Campaigns

- CRM & Automation

- Customer Experience

- Leadership + Team Growth

- Project Management


- Digital Advertising

- Reporting + Analytics

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