Sweet 16


2012 was packed full of amazing weddings with amazing people. 16 weddings, each so different but each so memorable. What a blessing it was to be apart of each of these wedding days, such a blessing.



Adam + Carly // Such a fun couple. I mean they played thumb war during their wedding ceremony!! And they were just so happy to be married. When they walked out of the church, after just being introduced as man and wife, tears started to fall from Carly’s eyes and Adam leaned over, grabbed her hand tight and gently placed his forehead to her head. Sigh. Sweetest thing ever.


Charlie + Jessica // These two. I’ll never forget what Jessica wrote on her day of wedding questionnaire, on the schedule of her wedding day she made a time slot that said “lots of giggling, happy tears, walks down memory lane and new memories made.” How sweet is that?! And these two have friends and family that are just crazy about them. During the reception while Charlie + Jessica were dancing, family and friends made a huge circle around them on the dance floor.


Clayton + Bre // Sometimes unplanned things happen on your wedding day, like rain. But when Clayton caught a first glimpse of his bride, clearly nothing else mattered. Such a moving ceremony…it brought me to tears and whenever I hear “Beloved” I think of these two. Clayton also sang at the reception while Bre danced with her father, how incredible is that?! Then THE cake cutting of all time. Holy moly.


Drew + Amber // Amber was such a graceful bride. Even the way she spoke, put ME at ease on HER wedding day! I’ll never forget right before Amber walked down the aisle, a very eager Drew waited to see her and then her voice came over the speakers as she spoke so sweetly — a message just for Drew and then here she came. Sigh. I’ll never forget their first dance. Not only was it incredible but to one of my favorite songs “Hundred More Years”.


Cel + Caitlin // Caitlin is a girl after my heart. Her love for animals is contagious and a true blessing in the world. Just a few minutes before their wedding, it began to pour but didn’t last very long and during their reception the rain paid off with a beautiful, big rainbow. I think there’s something magical in that, for sure.


Colin + Allie // Colin + Allie forwent the large wedding they had planned for the spring and decided ona smaller / intimate wedding surrounded by family and friends. Such a sweet couple that had a wedding truly packed full of love. One of my favorite parts of the reception was when Allie brought out her clogging shoes and danced.


Cory + Grace // Such a sweet and FUN couple. I’ll never forget sneaking around the library taking their engagement pictures and then joining them in the laughter and tears on their wedding day. And the dancing at the reception – OH MY!


Derek + Morgan // I think Derek + Morgan had the hottest wedding of the year, hands down. Thankfully their ceremony and reception was indoors so when it did rain (which really didn’t cool the day down much) it wasn’t a big deal. Derek + Morgan did a first look before their ceremony and it was incredible. I think for a few minutes the world may have stopped : ) The reception didn’t disappoint either with Morgan and her father surprising everyone with an awesome dance!


Erik + Jenny // Erik is like a big teddy bear and Jenny is a girl I could shop all day with (we had the same color scheme on when we first met for their consultation!). We started out our 2012 wedding season with these two and it was incredible. I think they love their dog just as much as I love mine – I mean their dog was even featured at their reception!


Jared + Mary // Something about these two – just the sweetest and nicest people. Mary sang (she has an amazing voice) Disney songs while she got ready if that tells you anything about her personality! Jared + Mary had a dirt ceremony after they exchanged vows – first time I saw this and it was such a cute idea!


Justin + Amanda // Justin + Amanda had a very moving wedding – from her father giving her away and showing a few tears to the family slideshow at the reception…man, how could I not get choked up!! Amanda knows good taste too – not only was her wedding decorated beautifully but golly gees she wore LOUBOUTIN shoes!


Luke + Meredith // When photographing the wedding of a painter, you just know it’s going to be awesome. Every piece of the wedding fit perfectly together and one of my favorite parts was family and friends singing “All Love’s Excelling” as Meredith walked down the aisle. Sigh. Such a great couple and such a great evening.


Matt + Wendy // Is there such thing as an unstressful wedding? If so, that’s what Matt + Wendy’s wedding was. It just went so smoothly and calmly – everything falling into place (I’m sure Bridget Powell played a part in that!). I’ll never forget Wendy’s sisters and nieces singing their toast to her in the tune of “Winne the Pooh” then Matt and his mother following up with the Hokey Pokey…so fun!


Patrick + Marissa // Holy handmade wedding! The details of the decor at Patrick + Marissa’s wedding were mouth dropping and all done by the bride, family and friends. And these two – so in love and head over heels for each other – you’ll just have to look at their pictures, it’s written all over their faces!


Robert + Brandi //  The excitement of family and friends on Robert + Brandi’s wedding day was contagious. These two not only have an amazing support system but an incredible love for each other. Their first dance was such a sweet moment where Robert sang every word of the song to Brandi as they danced.


Timothy + Sarah // When I think back on these two, I giggle. So sweet and so FUNNY! From the ceremony, where I thought Sarah was going to start jumping up and down because she was so exciting to their incredible dance moves at the reception. There was times these two were the only ones on the dance floor, but it didn’t matter, they danced their hearts out.


And there you have it! Our very sweet 16 couples of 2012. Such a wonderful and lovely year, what can I say? 2012 was good to us. And now I’m soooo looking forward to the couples of 2013 with new memories to be made!