The Mission


It had been 10 days ago that I got an idea. I can’t quite explain it, as it’s been laying on my heart for quite sometime. I contacted family, friends and a few colleagues to help with the mission. They probably thought I was crazy…I thought I was crazy…because in just less than 10 days, they surpassed the goal for the mission.

The Local Office on Aging has many, many elderly people they serve everyday. With over 650 individuals on their Meals on Wheels program just in our area, it’s no doubt they serve many. So…what if we made Easter a special time for as many of their clients as possible?

With a goal of 100 Easter Baskets / Bags, family, friends and colleagues set out to collect and assemble donations. This morning we arrived at the Local Office on Aging with the truck PACKED full of 158 Easter baskets / bags. Did you catch that? 158!!

I was completely overwhelmed with their generosity, kindness and selflessness. I mean c’mon, in the middle of all of that one of my good friends had a baby too!!

There’s no doubt in my mind that each of them made a huge impact. Especially after receiving an email from the LOA:

I took the first batch of baskets out after you left.  Our clients were deeply appreciative of the gifts.  And they did not know anything was coming, they were greatly surprised.  It was a group of senior adults — looking like little children opening their bags.

We’re moving mountains people, moving mountains.


Mound of donations….

….resulted in beaucoup of baskets / bags:


When Tara told me she was doing this all I could think of was my Aunt Martha who is 87 and how much she loves getting things like this. I know how busy Tara and Chris are so I told them I would be glad to help do the bags/baskets for the ones that did not have time and then I ended up doing 6 on my own. Things like this make my heart just glow. Chris and Tara have been doing some really sweet things to help others out and I love this about them. They are both such good hearted people. Thanks Tara for thinking of this and letting me be a part of it and if you think of anything else just call..

when mandy called me telling me you were going to do this,,,it took a life of its on in my life, Every year i try to fix baskets for my grown daughter and son and their families, this year i decided to spend the money i would on their baskets, and do 4 for the elderly in memory of both sets of my grandparents. My soon to be daughter in law said she would like to make a basket also and ended up doing 4 baskets!
I really enjoyed shopping for the elderly and tried to think of things i would give to my grandparents.
And on the day we were supposed to deliver them to you (tara) mandy had a baby and her very thoughtful hubby did the delivering of the baskets after mandy delivered their son!
please let us know when and if you plan on something like this in the future..I know we all want to be involved.

My soon to be wife made 4….it was wonderful to see her and the whole time she was thinking of he own papa and nannie that had pasted years ago. Thank you.

OMG that is so amazing!!! and it will be a great story to tell Carter about the week he was born!