The Thank You Project


When I say this has been the busiest year yet, I’m not bragging but I’m not complaining. It’s the truth. Working 13+ hour days / every day has been a norm for me the past several weeks and even though it’s been a blessing to do what I love…I’ve been neglecting other things in life that are very important.

Last year I posted an image every day of things I was thankful for. And dang, that was awesome. To seriously thank about each day all that you are thankful for? Daaaang.

This year I somehow (like seriously, it was completely random) came across that The Clutch Guide and their 30 Days of Thank You. For real? What an awesome idea. I joined in and wrote my first note yesterday to a very kind lady at a local mail house that I truly believe can bend over backwards like no one’s business. Sometimes we (I) get so caught up in the daily craziness, we (I) forget about taking time to not only thank people but send kind words their way.

Life goes by way too fast. Waaay too fast. Making a difference in just someone’s day, I believe, can make waves. SO! Here we go….30 days of thank you notes – maybe you’ll get one from me : )



I’m so glad that you participated! I hope that it went well for you. It was so much harder to keep up with than I thought. 🙂