Valentine Coma


In the last 24 hours: I bought 25 pounds of Hershey Kisses (more on that later), made a special-out-of-the-way trip to buy Valentine’s Day candy on sale and then indulge myself in way too many candy hearts (why am I just finding out they come in different flavors?!), found a very sweet Valentine’s card in the mailbox, found an old journal and enjoyed some of my favorite shows on Hulu. I know what you’re thinking, whoa Tara, don’t get too crazy now. Hey, didn’t I tell you I’m 28 going on 69?

Juuussst kidding.

In all seriousness, incase you missed it, I made the big announcement yesterday on my Facebook page of the winnerS from the FREE Couple’s Portrait Session contest.

A big congratulations goes to Carly for being the lucky winner AND Mr. Awesome (aka Will) for making me laugh the most with his entry (if you haven’t seen his or the other entries, you’ll have to check out what people can express in just three words).