Tara Lilly Weddings

​​The smiles fill the room as the last button of the dress is fastened. Excitement. Anticipation. The electric energy finally bursts through the air as the music starts. The whole world freezes as everyone stands at attention when you make your entrance.

The way your eyes lock on each other as the universe fades away, leaving the two of you standing alone among the stars.

The smiles. The flutters. The tears. The tight grip as fingers interlock and vows are made – promises that reverberate for generations to come.

His arms around you, dancing in unison to the perfect melody. Tighter. Closer. Just the two of you ready to take on the world.

These are your moments. Your day. The memories you’ll have together forever.

My job is to tell that glorious story so that it’s unforgettable.

Let's get your wedding on the books!

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