Why Jesus is Better Than Santa


Oh December. Usually one of my favorite months of the year because I looooooove Christmas. This year though, December hasn’t quite delivered. So, when I came across this on, my heart warmed up:

Why Jesus Is Better Than Santa Claus – Author Unknown

• Santa lives at the North Pole, but Jesus is everywhere.
• Santa rides in a sleigh, but Jesus rides on the wind and walks on the water.
• Santa comes once a year, but Jesus is an ever present help.
• Santa fills your stockings with goodies, but Jesus supplies all your needs.
• Santa comes down your chimney uninvited, but Jesus stands at your door and knocks.
• You have to wait in line to see Santa, but Jesus is as close as the mention of His name.
• Santa lets you sit on his lap, but Jesus lets you rest in His arms.
• Santa doesn’t know your name, but Jesus knew our name before we did.
• Santa has a belly like a bowl full of jelly, but Jesus has a heart full of love.
• All Santa can offer is “HO HO HO,” but Jesus offers health, help, and hope.

• Santa says, “You better not cry,” but Jesus says, “Cast all your cares on me.”

• Santa’s little helpers make toys, but Jesus makes new life and mends wounded hearts.

• Santa may make you chuckle, but Jesus gives you joy that is your strength.
• While Santa puts gifts under your tree, Jesus became our gift and died on a tree.
Merry Christmas, my friends!