Will + Leah : Boxtree Wedding


He slowly rubbed his hands together and would glance quickly into the windows to steal a reflection of her. Her fingers tapped his shoulder, he bit his lip and turned to see her for the first time on their wedding day.

Tears followed. A giant smile you couldn’t miss for a mile and lots of hugging.

That’s how Will + Leah’s first look went.

– I’ve known Will for a few years so when photographing his + Leah’s wedding, I paid close attention to him. And I’ve never seen this boy so very, incredibly happy.

– Will’s parents head over heels adore Leah. When they first saw her before the ceremony, they both broke into tears of happiness. How awesome is it to have in-laws like that?!?

– My dad married Will + Leah! It was our first wedding working together…warmed my heart.

– I normally don’t post a lot of images from the first dance but Will + Leah’s first dance was just too sweet that I couldn’t help myself.

Ceremony / Reception: Boxtree Lodge
Florist: Kroger
Coordinator: Terri Langford
Hair / Make-Up: Les Cheveux
DJ: Christian Lane
Caterer: Linda Sisson
Cake: Wildflour


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