TL & Co. Marketing

I don’t do cookie-cutter processes.

My approach is strategicution. And in thy dictionary it shall be defined as the expert blending of strategy and execution to deliver impactful change for your business.

delivering that extra sweet sauce to your bottom line

I know. You’re telling yourself, “she just made up a word.”

Well first of all, technically all words are made up…and second of all, we got bigger fish to fry.

Like finding your biz’s white space and seeking out profitable customers. Delivering that extra sweet sauce to your bottom line. That’s right. My priorities are in order because I’ve been there. Leading teams. Managing P&Ls while eating PB&Js. Going toe to toe with CFOs.

I’m not like a typical agency because ain’t anything typical about me. I cut my teeth on the creative side filling up trophy cases (like, seriously, hardware for days) only to take my seat in a plush executive chair before promoting myself to full-blown business owner.  Woman-owned and independent, baby.

I’ve run this race so I know how to stretch, how to hydrate, when to eat carbs, and when it’s time to turn on the afterburners. Marketing-wise, of course. IRL I might run 50 steps and chuck up the deuces for an Uber.

if you made it this far, you have a good attention span

Are you still here?


That means you’re pretty cool and you have a good attention span. Two things I need from you to accelerate your growth, responsibly. See you thought you were testing me but I was testing you. Marketing-Jedi over here.

So get in touch. Let’s see if we’re a fit.

I have spoken.

deeper connections with a side of fries